Introduction of Stem Cell

Introduction of Stem Cell

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Stem cells are distributed throughout all body tissues and accompany us throughout life, although they lose vitality as we age or become ill. Stem cells exhibit unique characteristics that give them immense therapeutic potential. First, stem cells can multiply indefinitely, preserving their stemness. Second, under adequate stimuli, they can differentiate into mature cells of different organs (for example, the brain, heart, and liver cells). Third, stem cells can distribute themselves throughout the body in a targeted manner, responding to biochemical signals from diseased tissues.

Individuals can receive stem cells from themselves or from another person. The discovery that stem cells can be isolated from a person, cultivated, expanded, and transplanted to another individual to provide the benefits of their therapeutic properties has been one of the critical advances in the development of regenerative medicine since it led to the large-scale production and availability of stem cells in the amounts required for the different uses that these cells have. Among the exogenous sources of stem cells, the umbilical cord stands out for being a rich and easy-to-obtain source of universal donor cells (not causing rejection) that have great vitality without the ethical and legal drawbacks of other sources.

The wide margin of safety and the promising curative abilities of stem cells suggest that we are on the verge of a new therapeutic paradigm. We must recognize that in many cases, the clinical evidence is still limited, and it is necessary to overcome various obstacles before stem cells are adopted as official treatment protocols. It should therefore be made clear that Rejuvstem does not intend to make an exhaustive review of the available evidence on the clinical uses of stem cells but rather to briefly cite the clinical conditions in which there is an acceptable level of evidence of the safety and efficacy of stem cells, with the respective literature support.


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