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Dr. Alex Molina, MD​

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Dr. Alex Molina, MD

  • Graduated with honors from The Universidad de Guadalajara Medical School.
  • He specialized in Orthapedic surgery with a specialization in physical rehab
  • He also holds a Master in Bariatric and Clinical Nutrition IESMEX
    Certified Training in Cellular Therapies and Regenerative Medicine from The Universitat de Barcelona
  • Fellowship in Cellular Therapy, focused on Exosomal Therapy from Dr Douglas Spiel (Chief Medical Officer for Kimera Labs, Medical Director Regenerative Solutions of NJ)
  • Dr. Molina has than 11 years experience developing protocols in regenerative medicine, and hosts a popular medical education training program teaching doctors how to use the stem cells and exosomes and other regenerative medical innovations.
dr alex
Dr. Alex Molina MD

Medical Director, Rejuvstem Clinics Mexico

20 years experience

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