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Rejuvstem Clinics and Wellness Centers provide world-class, state-of-the-art treatments in our clinics in the vibrant and beautiful Mexican city of Cancun and the cultural hub of Guadalajara. Strategically located, Guadalajara has a number of non-stop flights, making it especially easy for our patients from the mountainous and western regions of the USA and Canada. Cancun, a paradise of endless beaches, is a worldwide destination with a number of non-stop flights from the USA, Canada, and Europe. Both locations are equipped with expert clinicians and laboratories on-site to easily administer the most premium cells.

RejuvStem Clinic and Wellness is honored to be part of your journey to unlocking the power of your own body to repair, heal, and rejuvenate. We are a world-class facility and laboratory committed to excellence in clinical and patient care.

Experience our concierge service, where we will assist you at every stage of the process, from the patient interview to arrival in Mexico and follow-up continuity care.


Our bilingual (English and Spanish) doctors are available to answer any and all questions, utilizing our smooth and efficient prescreening process. There is no obligation and absolutely no charge for this completely free medical consultation! We will conduct your consultation either over the phone, using a video call, or in person. Our doctors will review your medical history, your medical evaluation form, and any other medical documents relevant to your condition. Only then will we recommend any appropriate stem cell treatment packages.

At RejuvStem, our promise and our priority are to provide our patients with the highest quality stem cells available. All of the Wharton’s Jelly Umbilical MSCs utilized at RejuvStem have not only been obtained from our certified and accredited laboratory in Mexico (COFEPRIS licensed, certified, and approved), but each vile has also been individually tested and verified. Transparency and the safety of our patients are our top priorities.

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Why Choose RejuvStem

Our Values

At Rejuv, we are committed to one factor: YOU. Our patients’ well-being and the longitudinal improvement of their health and quality of life.

Our regenerative medicine specialty clinicians look at the body as an entire system and treat your overall health, not just the area of concern. Combining the right stem cell regenerative medicine treatment with advanced wellness therapies and the right supplements, patients notice the best results overall, not just in the treated area but with more energy, better sleep, mental clarity, and a stronger immune system. Every patient meets with both a board-certified allopathic physician and a functional medicine specialist. Your journey and our commitment do not end after your treatment; we offer ongoing care. We are a results-driven practice, and our goal is for all patients to experience amazing care and health improvement.

The Power of Wharton’s Jelly Mesenchymal Stem Cells (WJ-MSCs)

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are advantageous over other stem cell types for a variety of reasons. First, they avoid the ethical issues that surround embryonic stem cell research. Second, repeated studies have found MSCs to be immunoprivileged, which makes them an advantageous cell type for allogeneic transplantation. MSCs reduce both the risks of rejection and the complications of transplantation. Third, there have been advances in the use of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells to regenerate human tissues, including cartilage, meniscus, tendons, and bone fractures, because MSCs can exert regenerative effects through homing to sites of damage, paracrine signaling, regulating immune responses, and positively affecting the microenvironment.

Transplanted stem cells differentiate into various cell types or stimulate mature cells to restore normal organ function after injury or degeneration. Stem cells promote tissue repair and have various functions to achieve this goal. Stem cells have paracrine functions that promote cell survival via stromal cell-derived factor 1 (SDF-1), hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1), endothelial growth factor (EGF), neural growth factor (NGF), and transforming growth factor (TGF), as well as tissue angiogenesis through vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). Mesenchymal stem cells also migrate to the injury site, where adverse conditions, such as hypoxia, cytokines, and inflammation, can activate their functions to attract additional stem cells. WJ-MSCs are the best type of mesenchymal stem cells, have an improved proliferative capacity, life span, and differentiation potential, and show no signs of senescence over serial passages.


Meet Our

Experienced Management Team

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Dr. Alex Molina, MD

Medical Director, Rejuvstem Clinics Mexico

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Chirag Shah, MS, MPH, JD


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Vivek Brahmbhatt, MBA, BSc.Eng.


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Dr. Mansi J Shah

Functional Medicine practitioner

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We place huge value on strong relationships and have seen the benefit they bring to our business. Customer feedback is vital in helping us to get it right.

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You are eligible as long as you have a pre-approved illness or physical condition where stem cells have proven to be of clinical benefit. During your complimentary medical assessment with our physician, we will discuss the details of your eligibility.

Is your facility certified for regenerative medicine and/or stem cell therapy?

RejuvStem clinics have all the necessary medical licenses for research, development, and application of treatments of any cellular origin:

Progenitor or Stem Cell Bank (authorization for the production of any lineage of cells).

Regenerative Medicine (authorization for the application of cell treatments)
Dissemination of information (authorization for the dissemination of specialized information on the Internet)
This is a direct link to the portal of the Ministry of Health, where the registration of the licenses: httpsss://bit.ly/RCGPermisosCofeprisCBCells

First, no professional and reputable medical facility can guarantee any specific outcome. Every case is different, and it depends on how the patient’s body responds to the treatment. For this reason, in order for our specialist to decide if you are a good candidate for a stem cell treatment, it is of great importance to first know all about your particular case. This involves the study of all your medical records, laboratory results, and other types of information that will help the specialist make the most accurate decision. Not all patients qualify, and we will only treat patients whom we feel will truly benefit from our therapy. Our recommendations are based on published studies and clinical experience with previous patients. The goal is to improve your health and life quality through the use of stem cells. The procedure is considered minimally invasive and could help achieve the desired effect by supporting another medical treatment or as a unique treatment. Finally, as part of the process, we first offer a letter of informed consent, where we specify all the positive and negative effects that you might get as a result of the treatment. This way, we can help you make a decision about whether to receive the treatment or not.
There are basically four types of stem cells that hold the potential to ease human suffering. Embryonic, induced pluripotent, adult, and umbilical stem cells At RejuvStem, we only use ethical, consensual, and adult umbilically derived (hUCMSC) or Watson’s jelly mesenchymal stem cells (WJ-MSCs). We do not use embryonic stem cells derived from embryos that are about one week old. Researchers are interested in embryonic stem cells because they are new cells and can be easily manipulated to become virtually any type of cell or blood type. However, in order to harvest these stem cells, the embryo is usually destroyed. As Christians, we know that embryos are human life, and it is morally reprehensible to justify the killing of an embryo for any reason. Another type of cell is called induced pluripotent stem cells, often referred to as IPS, which are ethically harvested without destroying human life. IPS cells are usually taken from the skin because they are easy to harvest. These adult cells are then mixed with retroviruses, which cause the adult cells to revert back to stem cells. Research has shown that these stem cells act like embryonic stem cells because they can also differentiate from all other cell and blood types. Since the process requires the cells to be manipulated or induced to reach the stem cell state, they are referred to as induced stem cells. Additionally, with their capability of differentiating from all other cell types, they are also considered pluripotent. We do not use these cells because they have been known to cause or further develop into cancer cells.
In most cases, procedures are made the same day unless the physician has health concerns for a previously diagnosed illness that can be kept for observation and monitoring. Our facility is conveniently located inside a fully functioning, fully certified, and accredited private hospital, which makes any observation and monitoring very simple.
In general, cell therapy with allogenic Wharton’s jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells (WJ-MSCs) has been tolerated in other research studies on many other pathology treatments, diseases, and/or disorders on an international level. There is no immune response or rejection with these cells. About 30% of our patients do experience mild flu-like symptoms, a low-grade fever, and body aches for 24-48 hours after treatment. Although it is possible with any medical procedure that an adverse effect could be presented, we take every possible measure to avoid issues.
We abide by stricter patient confidentiality rights and apply US HIPPA and Mexican HIPPA standards. You have a right to your privacy, and all information obtained in connection with your treatment that can be related to you by name will be maintained anonymously. Your name will not be revealed in any of the reports or publications used in this treatment without your consent.
Because every patient’s body is different, we can’t guarantee what results you might get after treatment or how long it will take your body to show changes. Most of our patients start to notice positive results the first few days after treatment or even 1 to 3 months after the treatment, but it can take up to 3 to 6 months for your body to show results. As part of our continuing care, we encourage adding physical therapy, healthy nutrition, and a positive attitude. We also recommend continuing to work closely with your primary or referring physician for post-therapy care.

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